40 Best Simple Modern Living Room Interior Decor Ideas for Trendy You

Modern style interior decoration is the most classic and easiest. This style is rich, it is not limited to a certain pattern or color, so in furniture, you can have many choices. If your living room is not large, it needs not only to look great, but also to be functional and comfortable. It may not be easy to mix these three things together, but today I have collected a lot of ideas and they will certainly give you a lot of inspiration. If you happen to be looking for inspiration for living room decoration, read on.

Our first impression of modern simple interior decoration style is that it should be black, white and grey. Obviously, the modern style is different from Bohemia, which has many different colors. Modern interior decor is not very colorful or bright, but we can still choose bright furniture, such as a yellow sofa, which seems to make the whole space full of happiness. As mentioned earlier, modern style has not too many limitations, so you can choose all kinds of furniture according to your own preferences. My only reminder is that the color of furniture should be the same, such as sofas, coffee tables and carpets.

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Modern style seems never to be out of date, because modern style furniture color matching is very classic, whether traditional modern or mid-century modern, simple lines, minimalist aesthetics are the most fashionable. Whatever color you like and whether your living room is big or small, there are many inspirations for modern living room decor for your reference.

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